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Cart driver facing DWI charge after confrontation at Pinehurst

Golf fans in North Carolina are likely looking back on the past couple of weeks with a certain amount of pride. We can probably grant them the moment considering that the state played host to the U.S. Open and the U.S. Women's Open back-to-back.

Man who allegedly crashed into ambulance suspected of DWI

Authorities believe that a 36-year-old man lost control of his Honda in Gaston County, North Carolina earlier this month. Police say that the swerved to the right as an ambulance approached from the opposite direction. However, investigators think that the driver of the Honda overcorrected on the right shoulder and crossed back through the traffic lane, crossing over the centerline and crashed head on into the oncoming ambulance.

North Carolina man accused of assault, DWI, more at TGI Friday's

Authorities accuse a 20-year-old North Carolina man of several crimes after an alleged dispute at a restaurant over the weekend. Among the charges is the accusation that the young man committed assault with a deadly weapon while he allegedly drove through the parking lot while leaving the establishment.

Police: North Carolina man drags hotel clerk with car while DWI

Authorities may often pile on charges when a person is suspected of driving drunk and is allegedly involved in an accident. Any driving while impaired allegations in North Carolina can bring significant consequences—defending against criminal charges is an important right. As additional charges pile up in a criminal case, the array of potential consequences may also add up if a person is ultimately convicted of all of the allegations.

North Carolina man sentenced to 1-2 years in fatal hit-run

A Manson, North Carolina, man recently pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of a fatal accident in Durham. The prosecutor was seeking a maximum prison sentence of nearly 5 years in prison at sentencing Wednesday. The judge imposed a 1- to 2-year sentence followed by nine months probation. The criminal defense argued several mitigating factors.

Raleigh teen accused of DWI in fatal North Carolina wreck

Two men from Durham, North Carolina, were killed in a head-on accident shortly before 6:00 Friday morning on North Carolina 98. The accident victims were brothers. Authorities accuse a 20-year-old man from Raleigh of crossing into oncoming traffic, leading to the fatal head-on crash.

North Carolina woman accused of assault in DWI and fleeing case

Walmart employees in Leland, North Carolina, called police to report that a woman had entered the store—the staff thought the woman matched the description of a person who Walmart employees in Wilmington believe may had been shoplifting. Workers at the two stores had been communicating about that issue. However, the woman is now facing a slate of criminal charges, including driving while impaired.

North Carolina court ruling deals with warrant issue after crash

Many people in North Carolina may be aware that the United States Supreme Court ruled earlier this year that the natural dissipation of alcohol in a person’s blood stream alone may not justify a warrantless blood test in a routine driving while impaired investigation. But, that ruling was not absolute. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in a split decision handed down in 1966 that a warrantless blood draw in a DWI car accident case was justified.

Police: Driver fled from North Carolina DWI checkpoint

Law enforcement agencies all over the state used increased efforts to look for evidence of alcohol consumption among drivers over the recent Halloween holiday. Pitt County officials did not use saturation patrols during the weekend DWI enforcement effort, according to the Governor’s Highway Safety Program. However, Pitt County officials did employ 10 DWI checkpoint operations during the Halloween “Booze It or Lose It” campaign, state officials say.

Officials under fire for furloughing convicted drunk driver

When a North Carolina driver is sent to prison for driving while intoxicated, he or she doesn't have many options. State governments are tough on people convicted of drunk driving and related crimes. That's why it raised some eyebrows recently when a military veteran with multiple drunk driving convictions, including at least one in North Carolina, was granted a furlough to seek treatment for addiction and post-traumatic stress disorder.