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Breath Test Refusal Archives

Blood testing failure results in review of DUI cases

Did you know that there is a significant difference in your blood alcohol level depending on whether your "whole blood" or your "blood serum" is tested? It's true, and it just caused a county in Pennsylvania to suffer a major embarrassment.

With a BAC of 0.09, former police chief arrested for DWI

The former police chief of Greensboro, North Carolina was arrested recently for driving while intoxicated. The 54-year-old man was a police officer for 27 years, three of which were spent as the police chief of Greensboro. In 2010, he retired from his post and in 2012 he was appointed the director of public safety at North Carolina Central University.

Appeal of breath test refusal fails due to 'ambiguous' answer

While the following story didn't happen here in North Carolina and even though it's a bit older, it highlights a very critical point about breath tests when a person is accused of driving while intoxicated.

DWI arrests in Raleigh are skyrocketing

The capital of North Carolina is a little more than an hour west of us here in Greenville, and in that short distance it appears you could enter a city with a drunk driving epidemic. According to Raleigh police, the number of driving while intoxicated arrests in the city for the first half of 2014 has doubled compared to the first half of 2013.

Should DWI checkpoints be available to interfere with privacy?

The Governor’s Highway Safety Association says that 12 states in the country prohibit the use of sobriety checkpoints either through statute or under constitutional principles. Pitt County area residents may be aware that North Carolina law enforcement agencies may conduct DWI checkpoints.

Jerome Simpson arrested on suspicion of DWI

Jerome Simpson, who played high school football in North Carolina, has been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving charges. The professional football player was pulled over Saturday morning, but has not yet been formally charged. Authorities in Minnesota, where Simpson now plays professional football, claim that the wide receiver failed a field sobriety test after a traffic stop.

North Carolina man faces DWI charges after fatal Highway 213 crash

Law enforcement continues to investigate a fatal car accident that occurred on Highway 213 in Marshall, North Carolina September 13. However, police believe that a 41-year-old man was driving while impaired when the accident occurred.

Judge throws out North Carolina DWI charge on defense argument

Any criminal defendant has the right to defend against the charges in a court of law. Our system of criminal justice places burdens upon the government that are intended to protect the rights of the innocent against unreasonable government intrusion, and also to protect against making out court system seem like a sort of kangaroo court.

NC DWI charges dismissed against bike riding assistant DA

Driving while impaired charges filed against a North Carolina assistant district attorney were recently dropped after his defense argued that the prosecutor had insufficient evidence to support the allegations. The DWI charges followed an investigation of a bicycle accident at a golf course at a hotel. Police found the man injured from the bicycle accident and later grew suspicious that the man was under the influence.