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T-shirt of drunk driving suspect catches internet's eye

A recent drunk driving incident made the internet rounds not because of the circumstances of the traffic stop or the arrest -- but because of the t-shirt the accused individual was wearing when his mug shot was taken.

The 19-year-old was arrested for drunk driving and when he was taken to jail, the police took his mug shot. The 19-year-old had a very interesting wardrobe choice: he wore a shirt with a previous mug shot of him. The photo quickly went viral, though no other details were provided about the entire incident.

Though there may not be much substantial information in this story, it does illustrate an interesting point about drunk driving. The media reaction to DUI stories is usually laced with a certain "silly" judgment -- and what we mean is that drunk drivers are portrayed as these stupid people who shouldn't have done what they did.

That latter portion is true, but not all people who are accused of a DUI are "stupid" or "deserve what they get," so to speak. Sometimes, people make a mistake. It may seem like drunk driving isn't a mistake, but then again, how often do you definitively know your blood alcohol content before getting behind the wheel of a car? Probably not too often.

The point we're trying to make is that someone could have a drink or two and think that they are fine to drive, when in reality they aren't. They get pulled over and are hit with a DUI because of a BAC that's 0.09, 0.10 or somewhere very near the limit. It's still illegal of course, but it's still a mistake.

Source: FOX8.com, "Man makes bizarre t-shirt choice in drunk driving mug shot," Associated Press, Aug. 19, 2014

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