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Labor Day weekend and increased DUI patrols are on horizon

Labor Day weekend is fast approaching, and just like many other holidays, this means that there will be an increased police presence on many roads all across the country. These increased patrols are usually aimed at preventing, identifying and targeting drunk driving. Obviously, the best way to avoid getting swept up in one of these increased patrols over Labor Day weekend is to avoid drinking and driving.

However, there will undoubtedly be many people who drink a little too much and decide to get behind the wheel of a car over the holiday weekend. Many of these people will be swept up in a DUI charge but just be barely over the limit. They may even think that they were under the limit when they opted to drive.

Your opinion on your blood alcohol doesn't matter, though -- only the figures produced from breath or blood tests. Once you break the 0.08 BAC law, your life can be turned upside by criminal charges, legal and court fees, and the loss of your license.

But just because the consequences are daunting and it seems as though you have no chance at fighting the case doesn't mean that you shouldn't fight it. The police don't always follow due process, and they don't always follow the rules. They may have made a mistake in your case or their case against you may be weak.

No matter your position in the wake of a DUI charge, our law firm can help you land on your feet. If you have a strong case, then we can support you and fight for you at trial. If the odds prove too daunting, then we will work hard to earn you an appropriate plea deal.


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