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June 2014 Archives

Teens find beach beer run finish line is behind bars

Engaging in underage drinking may be viewed by some as a rite of passage for those under the age of 21. North Carolina law does not share that point of view and neither do the police who enforce the law. The consequences for a person who is under the age of 21 who gets arrested for an alcohol-related crime can be greater than you think and long lasting. A strong defense is called for.

Cart driver facing DWI charge after confrontation at Pinehurst

Golf fans in North Carolina are likely looking back on the past couple of weeks with a certain amount of pride. We can probably grant them the moment considering that the state played host to the U.S. Open and the U.S. Women's Open back-to-back.

North Carolina Supreme Court rules in challenge to DWI stop

Last year, a three judge panel on the North Carolina Court of Appeals split in a challenge to a DWI arrest. Firefighters in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, used the lights and sirens on a fire truck to pull over a woman who the captain of the fire crew thought may have been under the influence.

Volunteer arrested at US open for DWI in a golf cart

A trooper with the North Carolina Highway Patrol says that a volunteer at the U.S. Open was driving a golf cart while impaired at the golf tournament on Saturday. In addition to DWI charges, the Wilmington, North Carolina, man is accused of a string of charges, including felony hit and run, felony assault on an officer and resisting, obstructing and delaying related to the alleged golf cart incident.

Man who allegedly crashed into ambulance suspected of DWI

Authorities believe that a 36-year-old man lost control of his Honda in Gaston County, North Carolina earlier this month. Police say that the swerved to the right as an ambulance approached from the opposite direction. However, investigators think that the driver of the Honda overcorrected on the right shoulder and crossed back through the traffic lane, crossing over the centerline and crashed head on into the oncoming ambulance.

Former John Edwards aide accused of child abuse and DWI

Police accuse a former aide to John Edwards of driving while impaired and child abuse after a traffic stop on Saturday in Raleigh, North Carolina. The child abuse accusations essentially are based upon the alleged facts surrounding the DWI offense. Authorities say that the Chapel Hill resident committed the drunk driving offense while his 13-year-old child was riding as a passenger in the vehicle.

Washington police accuse sleeping Pitt County DSS worker of DWI

Police in Washington, North Carolina, claim that a woman was found sleeping in her car that was parked near a tavern on May 21. Authorities say that the woman was discovered around 4:00 in the morning. Few details about the circumstances are included in a recent news account. It is not clear what attracted law enforcement’s attention to the vehicle, if the car was running and other issues surrounding the incident are not addressed in the media account.

18-year-old suspected on provisional DWI in North Carolina fatal

Authorities accuse an 18-year-old Bunnlevel, North Carolina, woman of a provisional DWI offense after she was allegedly involved in a fatal car accident on Thursday. However, the teen could face additional charges in the future as law enforcement continues to investigate the wreck. Police say that toxicology tests have been ordered to search for substances that may be used as evidence against the teen.