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May 2014 Archives

Officials arrest several after raid of alleged party house

North Carolina enforces underage drinking laws with vigor. An underage alcohol offense can lead to a criminal record for a person under the age of 21. But, there are other areas where allegations of an alcohol offense may lead to criminal charges.

Police respond to fight call, arrest two on alcohol, drug charges

We have discussed a variety of issues that can lead to a traffic stop in North Carolina. In general, courts have concluded that law enforcement has the authority to pull over a car based upon a reasonable suspicion that criminal activity may be afoot. Minor traffic offenses are often used to pull over a car in cases involving drunk driving allegations. Law enforcement often claims to noting suspicious behavior and observing alleged indicia of intoxication during these so-called routine traffic stops.

North Carolina coach accused of giving alcohol to minors

Last week we discussed the new task force that is being created to seek new ways to control underage drinking in North Carolina. Among the areas that authorities will pursue is a continuing effort to enforce laws covering alcohol-related offenses. As we have previously discussed, alcohol-related tickets can have long-term impact upon a student convicted of an alcohol offense.

NC law enforcement setting up for Memorial Day DWI campaign

As we head toward the unofficial start of summer this Memorial Day weekend, law enforcement agencies in North Carolina are gearing up to kick-off their summer drunk driving enforcement campaign. Our Eastern Carolina readers likely know that police and sheriff’s deputies all across the state often run saturation patrols and DWI checkpoint operations during holiday weekends.

Wilmington police arrest man on DWI, drug charges after chase

From time-to-time a news report will cover a story of odd facts surrounding some kind of criminal charges. Often, it is difficult to understand what may have precipitated an alleged event. Notably, the stories often are generated by authorities and may not tell all sides of the story. Moreover, a person suspected of a crime has the right to remain silent and generally should not discuss allegations with anyone other than a criminal defense lawyer.

Police arrest North Carolina man with two-flat tires for DWI

Law enforcement claims that a 25-year-old man was driving a car with two-flat tires in Gaston County, North Carolina, on Monday night. A police officer decided to pull the car over, which led to the driver’s arrest for a suspected driving while impaired offense.

Police arrest North Carolina driver for DWI, child abuse charges

The North Carolina Highway Patrol accuses a Raeford woman of driving while impaired with two young children in the car. A trooper says that he saw a car traveling around 35 miles per hour on Interstate 40 on Friday night. Law enforcement says that the woman was weaving on the highway before the trooper conducted an investigatory traffic stop at around 11:00 p.m.

Pitt County working on new crime lab to process evidence

The Constitution guarantees that when a person is charged with a crime, the accused has the right to a speedy trial. However, how courts analyze speedy trial issues in North Carolina can be complex. Notably, some delays may be needed to afford more time to assess criminal defense issues. But, the backlog in the North Carolina crime lab also has been a difficult issue in cases involving blood samples to be used in driving while impaired cases.