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April 2014 Archives

Surgeons seek North Carolina driver's license law for mopeds

Doctors in North Carolina are urging state lawmakers to require people who ride a moped be licensed to drive a motor vehicle in the state. North Carolina is one of six states that do not require a person on a moped to have a valid license, according to General Surgery News. A few states require people to obtain a moped license, which in those states is handled separately from a traditional driver’s license to operate a motor vehicle.

Passenger in fatal North Carolina wreck charged with aid-abet DWI

Authorities accuse a 26-year-old Marion, North Carolina man of aiding and abetting DWI after the driver of the pickup truck the 26-year-old was riding in lost control and crashed the vehicle. The North Carolina Highway Patrol says that a 34-year-old Marion man was speeding on Cannon Road early Saturday morning. Authorities estimate that the pickup was traveling 70 miles per hour when the driver lost control in the rain at around 3:30 a.m.

Man and woman found sleeping in car arrested in Pender County

Deputies in Pender County say that a person called dispatchers to report an alleged suspicious vehicle parked on a road in Hampstead, North Carolina. What was suspicious to the caller is not clear from a public account. However, deputies responded to the scene and claim that a man and woman were found sleeping in the car. There is no indication if anyone ever saw the car move. However, deputies assert that the engine on the car was running when law enforcement arrived.

North Carolina probationer accused of trying to beat drug test

When a person is charged with a crime in North Carolina, the accused has the right to present a criminal defense. While having the facts, circumstances and evidence reviewed by a criminal defense lawyer for flaws and weaknesses can be beneficial in seeking to have charges dropped, defense lawyers may also seek to negotiate with prosecutors in some circumstances to reduce the potential consequences that can result in the criminal case.

Carteret County deputy accused of prescription medication DWI

Our Greenville, North Carolina, area readers may understand that our state’s driving while impaired laws extend beyond allegations involving alcohol -- a person may face charges based upon other impairing substances.

North Carolina man running for sheriff accused of medication DWI

Many drivers in North Carolina may know that the so-called “per se” limit to legally drive a car after drinking is set at 0.08 percent blood alcohol concentration. The law essentially creates a mandatory presumption that any driver who measures 0.08 percent BAC or more is too impaired to drive.

Catawba County man accused of DWI, dragging deputy with car

Law enforcement and prosecutors may, from time-to-time, add extra allegations when pursuing charges related to an alcohol offense. The list of available charges may vary depending upon the circumstances. For instance, a teen suspected of underage drinking may face additional charges for resisting arrest based upon alleged uncooperative behavior during an interaction with law enforcement. When a vehicle is involved, the charges can include felony offenses, depending upon the alleged facts.

Law enforcement, North Carolina AG discuss drinking, drug issues

State officials met last week to discuss ways to address several issues that may affect teens and college students in North Carolina. Among the issues that law enforcement and the state attorney general discussed were underage drinking, prescription pills (and other drugs), as well as the processing of toxicology tests in the crime lab.

Three arrested on drug charges after North Carolina traffic stop

Followers of this blog may understand that law enforcement may often use a minor traffic violation as the basis to conduct a traffic stop. During the stop, officials often seek to find other reasons of suspicion to expand the stop to more serious allegations. While drivers may face drunk driving charges after one of these investigations, a stop may lead to other legal problems for a driver and passengers in the car.