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March 2014 Archives

Study looks at underage drinking and driving among teens

The spring season also brings spring break, the prom season, followed by the high school and college graduation seasons in North Carolina. Each year, associated with these events, young people find themselves hauled into court on underage drinking and driving, or the more traditional driving while impaired charges in North Carolina.

Moped rider injured near Greenville Mall charged with DWI

Authorities say that the rider of a moped was injured in an accident with another vehicle Saturday night near the Greenville Mall. The moped rider suffered personal injuries in the crash and was transported to an area hospital for treatment.

How reliable are field sobriety tests in a North Carolina DWI?

People in Pitt County may have often heard about field sobriety tests associated with an investigation into driving while impaired offenses. These exercises, which commentators may often say are seemingly cloaked in scientific garb, are often used in North Carolina. Officers may later seek to testify in court about their observations to support an arrest, and as evidence of impairment.

North Carolina man accused of assault, DWI, more at TGI Friday's

Authorities accuse a 20-year-old North Carolina man of several crimes after an alleged dispute at a restaurant over the weekend. Among the charges is the accusation that the young man committed assault with a deadly weapon while he allegedly drove through the parking lot while leaving the establishment.

NC Highway Patrol says woman blew 0.35 percent, had kid in car

Authorities say that a Stanley, North Carolina, woman crashed into the rear of a school bus in Lincolnton on Tuesday afternoon. The bus was stopped on the road. When a trooper from the North Carolina Highway Patrol responded to the accident scene, the trooper claims that he suspected the woman was impaired.

Trooper arrests man for DWI, drug charges near Garysburg

Law enforcement in Northampton County, North Carolina, arrested a man on suspicion of drug possession and driving while impaired early Saturday morning. Like many DWI arrests, a deputy claims that the Pleasant Hill, North Carolina, man was driving in an erratic manner on Route 301 near Garysburg, North Carolina, around 1:15 a.m.

Court: North Carolina DWI checkpoint failed to meet guidelines

Search and seizure issues may arise in most any kind of criminal investigation. People in eastern North Carolina may understand that the Constitution places limitations on the government’s authority to conduct a search, or to detain a person. The idea of warrantless searches and stop-and-frisk-type seizures has been on the public radar in many ways in recent times. In relation to drunk driving cases, the ideas of unlawful searches and seizures continue to make waves as well.

Danny Webster charged with DWI in Greenville; no longer a Pirate

School officials at East Carolina University announced last week that Danny Webster is no longer with the football team. The young man was suspended during the 2013 season for undisclosed reasons. He has now been released from the Pirates.