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January 2014 Archives

APA chair argues North Carolina ABC Commission plan misses mark

The North Carolina Alcohol Beverage Control Commission has made some waves as of late addressing the issue of underage drinking and drunken driving. There are rumors that the ABC Commission plans to use existing tax revenues to fund a new initiative targeted at teens and alcohol, specifically the behaviors mentioned above.

Should DWI checkpoints be available to interfere with privacy?

The Governor’s Highway Safety Association says that 12 states in the country prohibit the use of sobriety checkpoints either through statute or under constitutional principles. Pitt County area residents may be aware that North Carolina law enforcement agencies may conduct DWI checkpoints.

Justin Bieber arrested for DUI, resisting after street race

What started as an alleged investigation into a street race has turned into a variety of charges for pop star Justin Bieber. Like North Carolina, Florida has a zero tolerance for underage drinking and driving. However, in the allegations against the 19-year-old in Miami, law enforcement claims that Bieber was under the influence of alcohol, marijuana and prescription medications. Again, like North Carolina, state law where the pop star was arrested prohibits driving while impaired by drugs, alcohol, or a combination of alcohol and other impairing substances.

UNCC running back faces charges after apparent traffic stop

Students at Pitt Community College or East Carolina University may get hauled into the criminal justice system on a variety of different allegations. At times, an offense may not seem that cumbersome on its face. But, charges may lead to a criminal record, which can have long-term consequences outside the criminal court system.

Waxhaw, North Carolina, mayor sentenced in DWI case

Charges for driving while impaired may impact Pitt County residents in a variety of ways. Many of our readers may understand the impact that a DWI offense can have on driving privileges going forward. If the criminal case results in a conviction, a judge may impose a number of consequences after reviewing the evidence, including a review of potential aggravating factors argued by the prosecution and mitigating factors argued by the defense.

Police: North Carolina man drags hotel clerk with car while DWI

Authorities may often pile on charges when a person is suspected of driving drunk and is allegedly involved in an accident. Any driving while impaired allegations in North Carolina can bring significant consequences—defending against criminal charges is an important right. As additional charges pile up in a criminal case, the array of potential consequences may also add up if a person is ultimately convicted of all of the allegations.

North Carolina man sentenced to 1-2 years in fatal hit-run

A Manson, North Carolina, man recently pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of a fatal accident in Durham. The prosecutor was seeking a maximum prison sentence of nearly 5 years in prison at sentencing Wednesday. The judge imposed a 1- to 2-year sentence followed by nine months probation. The criminal defense argued several mitigating factors.

Man with diabetes failed tests and looked pale before DWI arrest

Often a media account of a drunk driving arrest may begin with allegations of a car seen speeding on a North Carolina roadway. Then information about the police officer’s observations when approaching the vehicle may be chronicled—often information about the look of the driver’s eyes. There may be information related to how the driver performed during field sobriety tests. These seem to be common factors of news accounts in DWI cases.

Appellate judges rule in favor of North Carolina man in DWI case

The North Carolina Court of Appeals recently ruled that law enforcement did not have a legal basis to arrest a man for driving while impaired during a traffic stop in late March 2011. A Durham County police officer says that he made the traffic stop to investigate an alleged speeding violation. The officer says that he could smell alcohol when he approached the vehicle, and that the man admitted to having two beers.