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NC court dismisses drunk driving case over delayed trial

One of the most fundamental elements of the criminal justice system is the right for a person to have a fair and speedy trial after they are charged with a crime. If a person doesn't have a speedy trial, their case might be weakened or it could just require them to wait and put their life on hold in some manners before they are able to move forward after a verdict is made.

A man in North Carolina was charged with driving without a license while under the influence of alcohol, during the summer of 2010. Although the man requested a speedy trial and planned to contest the charges, the prosecutors for the case continually asked for delays. Three years later, the North Carolina Court of Appeals has dismissed his case because the delays in the case were taking too long.

When someone faces charges such as drunk driving, and driving without a license, they might face increased penalties. People in North Carolina should take drunk driving arrests seriously, as a conviction can often have consequences for a person's reputation beyond any fines, jail time or other official penalties.

In North Carolina, it is important that people assert their right to a speedy trial. When a court procedure is delayed, it can leave a person feeling their legal proceedings will never end. An attorney can help a person form a rigorous defense and advocate for their rights. This can help ensure a person is able to move forward with their trial and plan their life going forward.

Source: TheNewspaper.com, "North Carolina Throws Out DUI Case Over Prosecutorial Delay," Dec. 12, 2013

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