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October 2013 Archives

Prosecutors raise charge to felony in wreck case after blood test

Police say that in June a 57-year-old man lost control of his Ford Taurus shortly after 5:00 in the morning along Interstate 40 East-Business 85 in Greensboro, North Carolina. Law enforcement says that the Ford left the travel lanes and struck a pedestrian who was walking along the shoulder. The pedestrian was killed in the accident.

NC appellate court throws out DWI conviction over illegal stop

Issues concerning erratic driving or weaving have made the news on a number of occasions in recent times. In October we reported that the United States Supreme Court is slated to review whether an anonymous tip of erratic driving, standing alone, is sufficient to justify a traffic stop. This summer, the North Carolina Supreme Court upheld a traffic stop based upon an officer’s observation of a car allegedly weaving around 1:00 in the morning, based in part on the time of day.

Swansboro mom pleads to felony charges in DWI injury crash case

A 28-year-old woman was sentenced to serve 14 to 26 months in prison last week related to a car accident that left several people injured, including the woman’s children. Authorities claim that the woman was impaired by alcohol and had marijuana in her system when she hit a curb along North Carolina 24 in Cape Carteret in April. The van that she was driving rolled over after striking the curb. The mother of four was not injured. However, authorities say that her boyfriend and all four of her kids suffered injuries.

Man accused of contributing to delinquency for Gastonia party

Police in Gastonia, North Carolina, say that a person called 911 to report a disturbance at a residence around 1:35 Saturday morning. Law enforcement says that a 14-year-old girl was found unconscious at the home due to underage drinking. The teen was taken to a hospital.

'Happy Gilmore' actor arrested in North Carolina on DWI charges

A 0.15 percent blood-alcohol reading in a North Carolina driving while impaired chemical test may bring a surprise for some drivers who are not aware of the stiffer consequences that a higher alcohol level can bring under state law. Out-of-state drivers arrested for DWI in North Carolina may face difficult choices as well in deciding how to challenge a DWI charge—out-of-state drivers may not have ties to the community, or may not remain in the state as a case proceeds through the justice system.

ECU police to increase alcohol offense enforcement for Halloween

When it comes to alcohol-related offenses in North Carolina, authorities have a number of types of allegations that can lead to criminal charges. Many students may not understand that anyone over the age of 16 can face charges in adult court in North Carolina--meaning that an alcohol-related ticket can lead to a criminal record.

Man arrested for DWI after incident on NC 33 in Pitt County

When a person is accused of driving while impaired in North Carolina a variety of different laws may come into play, depending upon the circumstances. We have discussed many different issues that may arise in different circumstances. Many drivers are aware that the per se legal limit to drive is set at 0.08 percent blood alcohol concentration under North Carolina’s DWI laws. But that is only a part of the story.

Woman accused of DWI, resisting, after Thomasville wreck

Law enforcement accuses a 30-year-old Thomasville, North Carolina, woman of driving while impaired after she was allegedly involved in an accident Wednesday night. Authorities say that the woman swerved her vehicle to avoid striking an animal in the road. However, police claim that the woman’s car drove off the road and struck a utility pole before careening onto the sidewalk. Several people were on the sidewalk, including at least two people pushing baby strollers.

US Supreme Court to decide anonymous tip in traffic stop issue

With cellphones as ubiquitous as they are these days, law enforcement may often receive tips from motorists concerning alleged erratic driving. In July, we discussed a ruling from the North Carolina Supreme Court that dealt with a DWI traffic stop based upon an officer’s alleged observation of a driver weaving in traffic. That issue did not involve a tip.