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September 2013 Archives

North Carolina woman arrested for alleged fatal DWI hit-run

Law enforcement in Fayetteville, North Carolina, arrested a woman at her home Sunday night on suspicion of DWI in an alleged hit-run fatal accident. Authorities say that a woman was struck by a sport utility vehicle around 8:05 Sunday evening. A woman was tragically killed in the accident.

Leland cop with head injury faces DWI over alleged disorientation

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that the symptoms of a concussion can include a look of drowsiness, slurred speech, decreased coordination, effects on the look of the eyes and a myriad of other symptoms. Many of our Pitt County area readers may recognize these similar concepts as being frequently used by law enforcement during a traffic stop to escalate an encounter to a driving while impaired investigation.

Hundreds of teens suspected of partying at home of former NFL star

Stories of an alleged massive party up the East Coast have been making headlines across the country. Authorities believe that underage drinking, vandalism and possibly illicit drug use were associated with a party in the home of a former NFL star.

North Carolina teen charged with DWI after Stokes County wreck

Teenage drivers should know that North Carolina law prohibits driving a motor vehicle with any amount of alcohol in the driver’s system if the person is under the age of 21. The state may bring what is known as a provisional DWI charge against a driver, based upon any alleged evidence of alcohol, which may even include the opinion of law enforcement at the scene of a underage drinking and driving traffic stop investigation.

70 in Pitt County charged with DWI in 'Booze It & Lose It' drive

North Carolina officials say that nearly 2,900 people were hauled in to face drunk driving charges during this year’s lengthy Labor Day “Booze It & Lose It” campaign. The law enforcement focus on traffic and drunk driving offenses ran from mid-August through Labor Day.

New apparent trend in college alcohol use has officials on edge

Officials in a southern state are concerned over a perceived new trend among college kids related to alcohol use. While stories may not have surfaced in Eastern North Carolina media outlets, the issues of underage alcohol consumption and potentially underage driving while impaired charges among college students seem to be implicated.

Appellate court remands North Carolina DWI issue to lower court

The North Carolina Court of Appeals recently considered whether a woman’s rights were violated when she was pulled over by a fire truck on suspicion of driving while impaired. A three judge panel actually had several issues before the court and the final ruling came down in a split decision.

Asheville police suspect unspecified drugs in fatal limo accident

Mere suspicion of impaired driving is not any finding of guilt. Law enforcement may often begin to suspect a person of driving while impaired after a traffic accident. But prosecutors have the burden to prove a criminal charge beyond a reasonable doubt.