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North Carolina trooper arrested for DWI while on duty

A North Carolina State trooper was arrested in Hendersonville Monday morning for allegedly driving drunk while on duty. The Highway Patrol says that the trooper met with a sergeant in the parking lot outside Sam's in Hendersonville Monday morning.

The trooper reportedly was in his squad as he talked with his supervisor, a sergeant with the Highway Patrol. During the encounter, the sergeant claims that the 37-year-old smelled of alcohol, had glassy eyes and was slurring his speech during the conversation.

Those types of allegations are common in drunk driving arrest reports in North Carolina. Generally, many people are aware that North Carolina sets the legal limit to drive at 0.08 percent blood alcohol level.

Regardless of a driver's size, experience, or any other factor individual to the driver, the state presumes impairment at a 0.08 percent or greater BAC level. However, police reports may often include descriptions of an officer's alleged observations of a driver to support their alleged suspicions and to show alleged indicia of impairment.

The Highway Patrol says that the sergeant suspected that his colleague may have been under the influence as the two spoke in the parking lot. Later, authorities claim that the trooper took a breath test, which registered a 0.08 percent BAC reading.

The trooper has been charged with DWI and is scheduled to appear in court March 21. The North Carolina Highway Patrol says that the trooper resigned from the law enforcement agency after the DWI arrest. The trooper had been with the force for seven years and had been assigned to the Hendersonville office since 2007.


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