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Deputies say 'pocket dial' led to North Carolina underage party

Law enforcement in Haywood County recently issued sixteen citations after discovering an alleged underage drinking party near Waynesville, North Carolina. An adult in the residence was also charged with 16 counts of providing alcohol and contributing to the delinquency of a minor related to the same investigation.

Many people might expect that noise, or some kind of public display, may to an investigation of an alleged underage drinking party. However, law enforcement says it was a cellphone call to 911 that led to the charges.

It does not appear that anyone called to report the party. Deputies claim that it was a pocket dial to 911 that alerted law enforcement to suspect the party was going on.

Details about the actual investigation are fairly sketchy in the media. Officials apparently only have publicly claimed that the alleged pocket dial led to the investigation. It is not clear how authorities were able to determine the source of the pocket dial, or if some other communication also occurred.

The adult charged with numerous offenses is reportedly the homeowner of the house where the alleged underage drinking party occurred. Police say that the 48-year-old was arrested at the home, but was sleeping when law enforcement found him in a back bedroom of the house, according to WGHP-TV.

Law enforcement says that two teens were treated for alcohol poisoning after law enforcement raided the party.

Underage alcohol offenses are commonly charged in North Carolina. This blog has reported a number of issues and stories regarding underage consumption, underage possession, fake IDs and underage drinking charges under North Carolina law.

Many college students, including those at ECU or Pitt Community College, may be given citations for alcohol offenses. As the charges can haunt a student later in life, it is important to consider consulting an underage drinking defense lawyer when confronted with alcohol allegations.

Source: WGHP My Fox 8 News, "Pocket dial 911 call leads deputies to NC underage drinking party," Joe Borlik, Jan. 15, 2013

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