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Have a safe and festive holiday season

Law enforcement agencies all across North Carolina continue to hit the roads with extra enforcement for the holiday season. Although most company gatherings may have already passed, police remain on the lookout for traffic violations, and possible drivers who are impaired,--and the crackdown will continue through the New Year's celebration. Many families get together throughout the holiday season. Friends, families and companies may have celebrations planned though the New Year's celebration.

While a traffic ticket, or DWI charge, could certainly put a damper on holiday festivities, traffic accidents are also of concern for law enforcement. When most people think of DWI charges, the common response is to think of drunk driving offenses. But it is important to note that law enforcement in Pitt County, and across the state, is also wary of drugged driving offenses. Among the issues drivers may face are DWI charges involving the use of a duly prescribed medication.

A trooper with the North Carolina Highway Patrol recently told the Sampson independent that drivers need to be aware that medications can cause impairment. He says, "Many drivers are arrested for impaired driving each year because they are operating a vehicle while impaired because of prescription medications and/or illegal drugs."

North Carolina law generally treats prescription medication DWI charges as harshly as any other DWI charge. This holiday season-through the New Year-drivers can expect North Carolina law enforcement to be patrolling the roads, looking for a variety of traffic offenses. The Highway Patrol says that it is emphasizing so-called hazardous violations of the state traffic and DWI laws. That includes such offenses as speeding, seatbelt offenses, aggressive driving and distracted driving.

It is important to use common sense all through the year, but law enforcement says that the holiday season is a good time to remind drivers to use common sense.

Having a safe holiday season is important for all North Carolina residents. Greenville DWI defense lawyers are aware that some drivers may be pulled into the criminal justice system during this festive time of year. Anyone accused of a traffic violation, or DWI charges can speak with legal counsel for help in navigating the criminal justice system.

Source: Sampson Independent, "Patrol urges caution during holiday travel," Sherry Matthews, Dec. 24, 2012

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