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Police: Woman flees in car through yards, arrested for North Carolina DWI

Law enforcement in Greensboro, North Carolina says a woman fled the scene during a traffic stop early Friday morning. Officers say the woman was pulled over for an alleged expired license tag. During the traffic stop, the police officer says that the woman did not have a license or other identification and he returned to his patrol car to look up the woman's identity on the computer. That is when she is accused of bolting.

The officer says the woman took a detour from the road and drove through several front yards during the roughly half-mile police chase. The woman reportedly struck a traffic sign along the way, before stopping her vehicle in the front yard of a home. The 25-year-old Jamestown, North Carolina woman is accused of stumbling from the vehicle. She was arrested in the yard shortly after 2:00 Friday morning.

The woman was booked into the Guilford County Detention Center after her arrest. Police say that she had two outstanding warrants on charges of driving while impaired. However, she now faces a new set of North Carolina charges. Police believe that she was impaired at the time of the recent alleged police chase.

In addition to the new North Carolina DWI charge, the woman is accused of felony fleeing, driving with a revoked license, resisting arrest and a violation for the alleged expired license tab.

The alleged events all started after law enforcement conducted an allegedly routine traffic stop based upon the claim that the woman had an expired tab. Generally, law enforcement is not allowed to make a traffic stop based upon a mere whim. However, a minor alleged violation of the law, such as allegations of an expired tag, may give police the ability to conduct a lawful traffic stop.

Greenville DWI defense lawyers know that our constitutional rights are worth protecting. A person accused of a crime has the right to challenge DWI allegations, including, at times, whether or not a traffic stop was conducted in compliance with constitutional protections.

Source: WFMY News 2, "Woman Leads Greensboro Police On Short Chase Through Fisher Park," Nov. 9, 2012

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