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North Carolina man accused of DWI, stealing truck and beer

Police accuse a 50-year-old Charlotte, North Carolina man of stealing a truck after hitching a ride in the vehicle. Law enforcement says that a Gastonia man picked up the hitchhiker before stopping at a grocery store. The Charlotte man stayed in the truck, while the driver went inside, according to authorities. While alone, police believe the rider took off with the truck.

Police believe that the hitchhiker later entered a convenience store and stole two cases of Budweiser before resuming his trip in the allegedly stolen truck. Later, Gastonia police made a traffic stop of the truck. The Charlotte man now faces a series of charges ranging from driving while impaired, to grand larceny to drug possession and more.

Law enforcement accuses the man of DWI, however, it is not clear from the media if alcohol or some other substance underlies the police accusation. The man is accused of stealing beer, but during the investigation, Gastonia Police claim that the man was carrying three rocks of crack cocaine.

The man faces new charges of grand larceny of a vehicle, two counts of larceny, DWI, drug possession and driving with a revoked license. In addition to the new allegations, police served an arrest warrant related to allegations that the man had stolen paper towels from a Gaston County grocery store in August.

Law enforcement processed the man, who is being held in lieu of $30,000 secured bond.

Court records indicate that the Charlotte man has prior drug possession and larceny convictions on his record, according to the Gaston Gazette.

Source: Gaston Gazette, "Man accused of stealing truck, beer and paper towels," Diane Turbyfill, Nov. 25, 2012

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