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Man accused of DWI after trick or treat car accident

Authorities in Randolph County say that two cars stopped in the roadway around 9:30 Wednesday evening to drop off trick or treaters. Six people piled out of the two cars in Asheboro, North Carolina to continue their quest for Halloween treats. Police say that as the two cars sat in the road on Old Castle Drive, a second vehicle approached from the rear and struck the trailing vehicle that had stopped. The car was plowed forward into the lead trick or treater vehicle.

Authorities investigating the multi-car accident now accuse a man of driving while impaired after he allegedly plowed into the stopped vehicles.

Police say that the man accused of current DWI charges has a previous DWI incident on his record. Authorities claim that the driver was unlawfully driving with a suspended license from a prior DWI incident.

Four people were in the two stopped cars at the time of the accident. Authorities say that all four were treated at a nearby hospital and released.

The man accused of DWI was processed before he was allowed to sign a $2,000 unsecured bond. The man's vehicle was seized. In addition to DWI, the man is charged with driving with a revoked license, failure to reduce speed and reckless and careless driving.

Few details have been made publicly available regarding what led authorities to suspect drunk driving after the accident. It does not appear from media reports that any of the trick or treaters who had been dropped off suffered any injuries in the Halloween night accident.

Source: My Fox 8, WGHP, "Man charged with DWI after crash that injured 4 in Asheboro," Ryan Sullivan, Nov. 1, 2012

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