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Student denies frat party used alcohol enemas, chastises media

College students all across the country can be brought up on charges related to underage drinking and other types of student offenses. From time to time, the national media gets its hooks into allegations that arise in college dorms or at frat houses. Recently, allegations out of Tennessee grabbed such headlines after a 20-year-old male student was hospitalized with a blood alcohol level measuring over 0.40 percent.

News reports suggested that a group of students at a fraternity at the University of Tennessee had used an enema containing alcohol. Law enforcement claims that their investigation revealed some suspicion that fraternity members had sought to ingest alcohol through the use of a rubber tube.

Authorities cited twelve members of the fraternity with underage drinking. And one student reportedly is facing a disorderly conduct offense as a result of the police investigation.

But the student who reportedly was hospitalized says that the national media frenzy about the alleged use of the rubber tube as a form of an alcohol enema is simply not true. He says that the false accusations have harmed him.

The young man's lawyer says that some members of the fraternity may have participated in what is called a "Tour de Franzia," a game of drinking from several bags of wine, according to CNN. The student at the focus of media reports says that the claims that students used rubber tubes as a form of an alcohol enema are completely untrue.

Ingesting alcohol in such a fashion can be extremely dangerous. The idea is discouraged as it can easily lead to death. Alcohol molecules are absorbed quickly --without the protection of enzymes in the stomach that protect humans. The enzymes reduce the toxicity of the alcohol, an Atlanta doctor told CNN.

Source: News Channel WCTI 12, "UT student denies using alcohol enema," CNN News, Oct. 2, 2012

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