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Man found near North Carolina crash accused of DWI, auto theft

Authorities in Halifax County, North Carolina accuse a man found the scene of an accident with driving while impaired and theft. Deputies fielded a report of a stolen vehicle around 3:00 in the morning earlier this month. A van owned by a pharmacy was reportedly stolen from the Littleton, North Carolina home of an employee. A Halifax County deputy looked into that allegation during the early morning of October 3.

Meanwhile, the North Carolina State Highway Patrol opened up an investigation into a single vehicle car accident in Nash County. The wreck reportedly involved a van from the Halifax County pharmacy. No driver was found at the scene of the accident. However, a trooper claims that a 20-year-old man was somewhere near the scene of the single vehicle accident. The trooper claims that not only did the young man appear to be intoxicated, but that he had injuries consistent with being in a crash.

News reports do not indicate what type of injury the Gumberry, North Carolina man had displayed, or what led the trooper to conclude that the young man was under the influence. Nonetheless, the man found near the crash site was taken into custody.

Authorities in nearby Halifax County reportedly have charged the young man with larceny. The theft of a motor vehicle charge apparently relates to the wrecked pharmacy van found unoccupied in Nash County.

Meanwhile, the North Carolina State Patrol accuses the 20-year-old driver with DWI and leaving the scene of an accident. Underage drivers can be charged with an underage drinking and driving offense based upon any evidence of alcohol impairment. It is not clear in the media whether law enforcement obtained any alcohol test from the suspect.

Authorities booked the Gumberry man into the Halifax County Jail, with bond set at $3,500. A court date is scheduled for November 7.

Source: The Daily Herald, "Gumberry man arrested after Drugco van theft," Oct. 5, 2012

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