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Four NC State soccer players kicked off team after alleged college bar incident

Four students from North Carolina State have been booted from the soccer team after being arrested at a Raleigh, North Carolina sports bar. Police were called to the establishment around 1:45 a.m. October 14 to investigate an alleged altercation at the bar. Four students from N.C. State had been escorted outside. Authorities say that one of the student athletes had been in some kind of altercation with another individual.

The four soccer players were ultimately charged with resisting, delaying or obstructing arrest. Two of the students are also accused of underage drinking. The two others were each given an additional charge. One is accused of simple affray-- while the other faces disorderly conduct allegations. Police claim that a fake ID was involved, but it is not clear if anyone was charged with a fake ID offense. A report from WRAL-TV indicates that the establishment was not cited.

Many students may not understand that North Carolina law prohibits fake IDS. In fact, mere possession of a fake ID can bring legal troubles for a person in North Carolina.

An employee at the bar told Technician Online, the N.C. State University paper, that no one should have been arrested. The police, and possibly the university, see it a different way apparently. The four students not only face charges for the alleged incident, but the four players have been kicked of the team. The school has also banned all N.C. State student athletes from entering the bar, regardless of the age of the student athlete.

While the school imposed sanctions against the students and added the administrative ban, the students also face charges in criminal court. The North Carolina justice system includes a wide variety of constitutional rights, including the right to due process and the right to present a defense in criminal court.


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